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Beksinski's painting materials (varnishes, oils, etc.)

07.10.2022, 11:06

I was wondering if anyone has information regarding Beksinski's painting materials, especially in regards to details such as the mediums he used while painting, ratios of turpentine, oil, varnish, and so on. Sadly I cannot read Polish so I am unable to read most of Beksinski's letters where he might have mentioned these details (although feel free to respond in Polish, or post relevant excerpts from his letters in Polish, I will try to understand it through translation software).

The videos on Andy Tezner's youtube channel have given great insight into Beksinski's painting process, but none of them give a clear picture of his specific paints or mediums.

I've always been amazed at how vibrant Beksinski's colors were when he was only painting on acrylic primed boards, and also the speed at which he was able to complete an oil painting, so I am curious as to what painting oils and varnishes he may have been using.

Thank you.

31.01.2023, 01:03
the essential i remember would be oil painting on hardboard. it was easy to get, as commonly used in furniture making, and one side would be usually smooth and glossy. i can't tell what exact paints he was using though. i'd rather should say the best on the market, though i know it is not an answer. i now listened to two interviews about his technique and paintings, and there was no specific paint mentioned. he was telling that being indecisive during the process makes the pictures surreal, and painting in darker light makes the paintings brighter, but technically imperfect. i think he was teasing and trying to demythologize the artistry. while i listen to him and his disliking, i realize how the son was similar in thinking, even though seemed more moody. as for your question, i'd rather ask someone who would remember the paint tubes, have pictures of the painting studio, or you can seek it in the videos backgrounds, the tvp movie is high quality

29.03.2023, 11:03
Maciaszczyk Dawid
Farby DALERA ROWNEYA i TALENSA. Trochę informacji na temat technik i mediów zawiera rozmowa nagrana ( niestety tylko w języku PL ) kilka dni przed jego śmiercią. Dostępna tutaj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdQZubduxWk&t=55s

29.03.2023, 11:24
Maciaszczyk Dawid
Na powyższym filmie Mistrz opowiada o mediach MEDIUM TALENS NR 007, BENZYNA DO ROZCIEŃCZANIA FARB, czasem dodaje OLEJ LNIANY (rozmowa od 40:30 min)

30.03.2023, 04:37
Thank you for the responses. I found these blog posts as well, which seem to have translated some of Beksinski's correspondences about his painting techniques.



A few videos show his paints but none of them tend to focus on it. This might be the clearest view.

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